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using Wellie

Wellie makes it easier to connect with more potential clients, virtually. All you have to do is answer the calls, we bring the customer right to you!

Let Wellie bring
consumers to you
Spend less time and money
on Advertising
Schedule your available time on the App
Get paid for each scheduled session
Use Wellie to fill your schedule with more consumers

Sign up now if you are experienced  in the following categories:


Look younger and feel healthier with:

Muscle Gain
Increase Flexbility
Strength conditioning
HIIT Training
Total Movement

Stress relief

Improve stress and conquer more with:

Sleep control
Diet control

Diet & Nutrition

Incorporate Healthy Eating Habits:

Weight Loss
Vegan options
Interminent Fasting
Increased Metabolism

No traditional brick and mortar space required
Set your own hours
Reduced overhead
Virtual / one-on-one / instant / live connections
Use a part of your home for virtual one-on-one sessions (a tax write off)

What you get

Subscription-free usage of the Wellie App for at least 2 years
Discounts on all scheduled calls
First access to any new features introduced
Priority access to calls
Featured advertising with Wellie

Get conneted with your first potential Wellie client today.

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